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The use of materials other than wood for furniture

The use of materials other than wood for furniture

When we talk about furniture, among the most crucial factors we have materials. While it’s true that wood is the most commonly used, it’s also not true that wood is the best or the only one that provides durability. There are many other possibilities and, notably in recent years, they have all been pleasant discoveries for our homes.

Why do you choose wood for furniture?

The reason why wood is among the first materials chosen in furniture is definitely thanks to its characteristic of resistance, but also because it’s easy to work with. Moreover, it is natural and strong, which is why it gives the feeling of lasting even over time.

But while it is true that it’s a very durable material, at the same time it is not excluded from climatic variations such as humidity and heat, just as much as excessive cold. Wood definitely needs special maintenance to last as long as you want it to.

Materials (excluding wood) to be used for furniture

The structures of furniture change their appearance from the material with which they are built, so it must be chosen wisely. Many mid-20th century vintage style homes, for example, to maintain the tenor of classic taste, opt for poor art (but not wooden) furniture. Do they exist? Well yes, they are made from synthetic or recycled materials, an example is chipboard and MDF, which are among the most environmentally friendly and derive precisely from wood, but not only that, as the case of laminate and melamine, used with the function of external covering but also in a primary form as shelves.

Who hasn’t heard of plywood? Here is another material that replaces wood, widely used for modern furniture. Particularly appreciated in the same way, there is also honeycomb. Both are light and resistant at the same time, a good alternative for furniture that will last over time. Honeycomb sandwich wood is chosen above all for closets, drawers, backs and doors because, among its characteristics, it is also flexible.

On what criteria do you choose your furniture materials?

The furniture industry is now so diverse that it allows you to choose your furniture based on the needs of the house. Each material, therefore, has different technical characteristics that at the time of purchase must be taken into account: the strength of the material, its robustness and the degree of humidity endured.

But it is not enough, these characteristics must be measured on the basis of the type of furniture you are buying. In addition to the model and the aesthetic conformation, therefore, it is necessary to evaluate the material by making all-round considerations: from the place where the piece of furniture will be placed – whether damp or not – to the use to be made of it, and the style we want.

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