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Cabinetmakers at the service of industry

Cabinetmakers at the service of industry

Cabinetmakers (“ebanisti”) and antique wood furniture are part of a very sophisticated sector that is back in fashion today. Without forgetting tradition, modernity and avant-garde furniture follow styles that are constantly being updated and, by the aid of high quality and refined materials, the vintage style of the mid-twentieth century is a guarantee of class and form for design, which never ends. The purchase of furniture is a delicate moment because, among different models and patterns to follow, there are basic elements from which to start, depending on the needs of space and style.

Antique furniture: the art of cabinetmakers

The touch of the mid-20th century is back into fashion and even homes from seemingly contemporary style do not give up objects and vintage furniture that make the environment more original and unique, starting a real tendency that has affected every industry, but in particular furniture and design. The materials are protagonists and wood is the benchmark through which the contrast between modern and minimal elements, retro and vintage ones, can be achieved, displaying a style that echoes the spirit of the twentieth century, embedded in the context of today’s needs. This is the reason why the art of cabinetmakers (“ebanisti”) is back in force.

The cabinetmakers: the art that returns

We are talking about the art of woodworking for designing and producing furniture – and artifacts in general – through the use of ancient techniques, such as carving and inlaying, a vocation that played a decisive role in the 1900s and a specialization at the service of today’s industry, far from the ancient idea of workshops and craftsmen. Nowadays, many professional figures revolve around the manufacturing of wood, even beyond the cabinetmaker, notably the classic figure of the carpenter has its primary importance, often in collaboration with blacksmiths and carvers, to produce fixtures and furniture. The meeting between this art and industry currently allows to place side by side secular traditions and the workings with highly technological machinery.

Wooden furniture for innovative design projects

In ultra-modern homes, vintage furniture elements help make the room special, an extra value which maintains the luxury and elegance of vintage style but with modern solutions. Each piece of furniture is unique and absolute, an advantage of cabinetmaker’s craftsmanship, and innovation helps to reduce environmental impact while preserving the fine construction materials.

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